who we are

We are different from traditional agency auditors.

We are a team of advertising and media “trust but verify” audit specialists with
50+ years of combined experience
having worked at large global consultancies as well as media/advertising agencies.

Our focus is on transparency and assisting advertisers with the most cost-effective way to get the facts, assess financial stewardship, and improve processes with marketing groups and agencies.

We do this with minimal disruption for both clients and their agency partners.

We are very knowledgeable with both production and media transparency issues and deeply familiar with the ANA report and findings.

We are independent and do not own or operate media/advertising agencies like many of the accounting and consulting firms - so we are objective.

We are nimble and can start work quickly – all without the bureaucracy and intensive administrative burden of the accounting and consulting firms.

We are LGBT-owned and assist clients with meeting its supplier diversity requirements

We cover all types of marketing agencies
  • • Creative
  • • Media planning/buying
  • • Digital
  • • Consumer promotions
  • • Direct marketing
  • • Barter
  • • Marketing research
  • • Production houses
  • • Database Marketing
  • • Branding
  • • Meeting & Events
  • • Sponsorship
  • • Sports Marketing
  • • Public relations
  • • Fulfillment
  • • Call centers
  • • In-house agencies and studios
  • • Printing and graphics
  • • Healthcare
  • • Customer Relationship Management
  • • Multicultural